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Los Cazadores Dogos Argentinos are bred to be true to the original Dogo Argentino in looks, hunting ability and temperament. We are not trying to take the breed in new directions, or build a "bigger" or "better" Dogo. We simply breed the Dogo, as it was described by the creators of the breed.

  • A dog that will find, catch and hold a wild boar until the point of death, if necessary.

  • A dog that fits the original breed standard, as described by the creators of the breed.

  • A dog that is loyal and faithful to it's family, and friends and strangers when accepted by the family.

  • A dog that loves children, and will tolerate the rough play of small children without complaint.

  • A dog that is a natural guardian and without training, will protect it's family and home.

  • A dog that is not dog aggressive, and hunts well with both members of the same and opposite sex.

  • A dog that is healthy, free from genetic defects, and able to perform it's intended function.

We usually realtively rarely, primarily to supply hunting dogs for big game hunters across Texas and the U.S. We occasionally let our puppies go to non hunting homes, because we think it is important for non-hunters to be able to see Dogos as they were originally intended to be, instead of the large, huge headed white dogs that have lost the ability to perform their intended function, which many breeders are producing and calling Dogos Argentinos .

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