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Rankin's Chief of Texas

The "Big Chief". Another "Original"  Rankin Dogo.
His sire was Rankin's 'Romeo', and his Dam was 'Ande'. Angelina is his 1/2 sister. Out of all of my Dogos, Chief might very well have been my favorite, and possibly my best. Chief was big for a Dogo - 29" tall, and 115lbs hunting weight. Most people would say that kind of size would be a liability in getting through our thick South Texas brush. Well if it was, you could never tell it. In his "prime" he was usually the first Dogo to get to the hog. He was my anchor. His long legs and overall size and power gave him great leverage on a hog. Even a big boar would get his nose put into the dirt by the Big Chief. He made a name for himself here in South Texas, where great hog dogs are a dime a dozen as being the kind of dog that would absolutely handle the biggest and the baddest hogs.What really made him special was his temperament. Even when compared to other Dogos, he really LOVED people. He would stand for an hour with his head on my knee while I read a book and periodically scratched his ear absent mindedly. He would come by me in the woods while hunting and lick my hand as he passed by. He wagged his tail so much, that the tip was scarred up from banging against things. We finally lost the old man during the spring of 2004. He died in the arms of his family. He is dearly missed.

Rest in Peace My Old Faithful Friend.

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Chief's Pedigree

Rankins Romeo of Texas


Buitre Blanco Del Zulu
Shaka Zulu TT


Galan De Agallas


Navajo De Agallas
Atucha De Pichanas
Pampa De Yana Huaira  Ranco De Rancho Sol
Antillo Del Greco
Azulosa Del Zulu  C.A. CH. PR CH. SA. CH
Shaka Zulu TT
Galan De Agallas
Pampa De Yana Huaira  
Hyara De Lago Puelo Emir Caam de Lago Puelo
 Famaiila Anan II De Lago Puelo
Gringa Argie Taina El Thoro Lombardo
FCPR 05853
Cabezonte Del Cabrera
FCPR 05317
Gran Califa Del Borinquen
FCPR 04058
Aleta De Wotan
FCPR 04314 
Perla Del Caribe
FCPR 05318 
CA PR Gaucho Cruz De El Montielero
FCPR 04306  
Tila Del Borinquen
FCPR 04061 
Argie Taina Del Borinquen Camp Chiripa Del Rancho
FCPR 05018
CH Carape De Guacarary
KCU 165
Simba Del Rancho
KCU 108
Camp Ayentina De La Jota
Fortin De Las Tropas
FCA 3565.8.77
Barcina De La Francia
FCA 6668.7.83 

Von Hofs Andy


Cruz De Monsech

Nehuen De Monsech ARG CH ARG GRCH Gulliver de La Paz ARG CH Danon De La Paz
Ostra Nakar De La Paz
Balalica Las Dendilas Airon De Pincen  
Candelm Del Cacique Araco
Balafica Las Dendilas Airon Del Pincen ARG CH Altaza Owl Lanco Liu
Coraza De Sailnas Grandes
Candelm Del Cacique Araco Yasi Del Copahue
Esencia Del Osste
Medusa Del Von Hof Del Borinquen


Carbezonte Del Cabrera
FCPR 05317
Gran Califa Del Borinquen
FCPR 04058
Alhue De Los Colorados De Monte  
Pampa De Yana Huaira
Alta De Wotan
FCPR 04314
Naheul Curra De Yara Huaira  
Illusion Pinta De Agallas  
Perla Del Caribe
FCPR 05318
CA PR Gaucho Cruz De El Montielero
FCPR 04306
Gaucho Falucho De Val Aparicio  
Pampas De Los Campos Largos
Tila Del Borinquen
FCPR  04061
Alhue De los Colorads Del Monte
Pampa De Yara Huaira  






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