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The Dual Nature of the Dogo Argentino

 Possibly the most impressive aspect of the Dogo Argentino, to people that have witnessed both,
is that as ferocious as a Dogo can be while fighting a wild boar....

Dually in a training pen learning to catch a full grown wild boar 

They are exceptionally even tempered and loving with their family.

Dually basking in the attention of our daughter and one of her playmates.

 Dogos are unfailingly loyal. It is truly amazing how a dog as big and powerful as a Dogo can be so patient and loving of kids, and crave their masters attention to such a great degree. They are content to sit for hours with their heads literally resting at or even on your feet..... they want nothing more in life than a good hunt and their masters love and attention!

If you were to visit with a grown male Dogo Argentino who was an experienced hunter, or to witness him interact with children, you would never believe that this dog, (temperament wise) is capable of tackling a full grown wild boar, or mountain lion. They are THAT gentle. But the Dogo can and will handle dangerous big game and will, in an instant show this other side. Like a gladiator, the Dogo thrills at the chance for combat either at his masters defense or during the hunt.

Guardian Aspects of the Dogo Argentino

The Dogo is a natural guardian, and will guard it's family and what it perceives as it's home fiercely against intruders. Care needs to be taken to introduce friends or visitors to your Dogo, and they should be warned not to approach your Dogo without you present.

The temperament of a TRUE Dogo Argentino is very predictable:
"Once we have greeted an unknown person, or the person sees him in our company....the Dogo should never show unfriendliness towards that person, unless of course, that person directly attacks us....however brave a guardian he may be, when he has understood that the visitor is welcome in the home, he will never try to bite this person."
 - Agustin Nores Martinez, translated from "The Argentine Dogo"

Another quote from one of it's creators that gives insight into the guardian aspect of the Dogo:
"There is a distinct difference between having a Dogo Argentino as a guardian and having a dog of another breed: If a thief enters your house at night and you have any other dog you know there is a thief because the dog barks; if you have a Dogo, you know there is an intruder because you hear him yell."
- Agustin Nores Martinez, also translated from "The Argentine Dogo"

As you can see the Dogo can be both a loving, gentle family companion or a valiant hunter/guardian, whichever the situation calls for. It is important to understand these different aspects of the Dogo, as both are an inseparable part of what makes a TRUE Dogo Argentino Please continue on to the History of the Dogo Argentino, or learn about our experiences Hunting with the Dogo Argentino.

If you want to learn more about the Dogo Argentino's temperament then please click on the "Continue"  button, below. This leads us to what we consider the most impressive aspect of the Dogo Argentino -  it's "Dual Nature".......

Please continue on to the History of the Dogo Argentino, or learn about our experiences Hunting with the Dogo Argentino. 


On to "Hunting"...


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