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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price range for Dogo puppies? How much are your puppies?

This is the #1 commonly asked question, so here it is.
"Well Bred" Dogo puppies -  papered Dogo puppies from good lines, and reputable breeders that follow good breeding practices (i.e., breeding to the original standard, breeding only to Dogos that will improve their lines and the breed, hearing checking the puppies, etc) average from $1500-$5000 for show prospects and breedable Dogos that are good representatives of the breed, to $1500-1800 for companion dogs, usually with a spay/neuter agreement, and with some kind of fault that would make them not desirable for the show ring or for breeding. These dogs should be otherwise healthy.
How much are Los Cazadores' Dogo puppies?
Los Cazadores Dogo Kennels' puppies are priced as follows: show prospects, and Dogo pups that meet the standard and are suitable for breeding range start at $2500 depending on the individual pup, and the breeding. Companion dogs, and pet quality dogs start at $1200. These dogs as mentioned above, have some limiting factor keeping them from being show dogs, but will still have excellent temperaments and be otherwise healthy, and will still be great hunters or companions. We generally breed one to two litters a we do NOT have pups on hand at all times for sale. For this reason, we are very selective in who gets a pup from us.

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Where are you located?

Los Cazadores Dogo Kennels are located in Pleasanton, Texas - about 35 miles south of San Antonio in south Texas.

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Will a Dogo get along with  xxxx  breed of dog,  that is xxxx years old, which I already own ?

Dogos have a very dominant nature. They get along best with a dog of the opposite sex. If they were raised with a dog of the same sex, and this dog were VERY, docile or submissive they would probably get along OK. They really don't get to this dominant stage until about 14 months-18 months of age. At that time they tolerate very little challenge by another dog, regarding "pack" hierarchy. If your same sex dog is willing to back down at this point and let the Dogo be the boss - no problem. If not....then you are going to have problems. Opposite sex households are much easier to manage.


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Are your Dogos socialized with children at a young age? Other dogs?

Our children socialize our Dogos (and cur dogs) as puppies to a very high degree - mainly because they love puppies and they enjoy playing with them. Our dogo puppies are handled from the day they are born and are hand raised until they go to their new homes. They are left free to socialize with our other dogos, cur dogs and with various aged puppies, young dogs, and even adult dogs. Our male hunters are extremely tolerant of puppies - even to the point of sharing their houses with a pup. As the puppies get older, they sometimes "shack up" with one of my male hunters and basically become roomies. This seems to build confidence in the pups- and helps teach them how dogos are supposed to act...

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Will a dogo get along with my cat?

A dogo can be raised with almost any animal and be fine with it - HOWEVER, that same tolerance does not carry over to strange cats (in this case). Cats that are their friends are OK, cats that don't belong are often viewed as prey.

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What colors do Dogos come in?

White, white and oh yea, did we say white?
Seriously, this is a common question that we get. The breed standard calls for a completely white coat, any black or any other spots on the hair of the body are cause for disqualification. Black spots on the hair are OK on the head only. Black skin pigment is permitted, as long as it is not to an excessive degree. Some amount of black skin pigment is important for the prevention of skin conditions and allergies - especially in working lines (which is what all lines SHOULD be, but aren't).

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Is a dogo suitable for living in an apartment?

As a rule, no. 
Dogos are not exactly high energy dogs - but they do like plenty of exercise, and one of their favorite things to do is run. Besides that, they are fairly large dogs and take up a lot of room in general. Some apartment situations might be OK, but it has to be the right situation.

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Are your Dogo puppies hearing tested?

Yes, our registered dogo puppies are BAER tested at Texas A&M University or another approved BAER testing site in Texas. A copy of your puppies hearing test results will be available upon request.

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How big do your dogos get? Males? Females?

Our males average from 90-100lbs - HUNTING WEIGHT, and our females around 75-85lbs. The males would probably weigh closer to 110-115lbs,and the females more like 95lbs in what we call "house dog weight" which is the way most pet owners keep their dogs. Basically hunting Dogos have VERY little body fat, and can afford little body fat and still be able to hunt all night Our males average around 27 inches at the shoulder, and females around 25


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Where can you ship your puppies?  Can I come pick mine up?

We ship our puppies anywhere in the continental U.S., via Commercial air cargo. The shipping fees, as well as the crate and preflight health cert, are the responsibility of the person purchasing the pup. We can make the flight arrangements for you and ship the prepaid puppy to an airport near you. 

Hawaii or International shipping will be considered on an individual basis, because it requires special considerations which vary from location to location, therefore we prefer to ship ONLY within the continental USA.

If you want to come pick them up in person, that is always welcome. If you buy a Dogo puppy from us, and come down here to pick it up in person, if it is possible, we will try to take you on a boar hunt so you can see your puppy's relatives at work, as well as at home in a normal home situation. This is not guaranteed, but every attempt will be made to work out the timing, either then or at some point in the future. This is for persons who already HAVE a pup from us, or who have a deposit on a pup. We are inundated with requests to go hunting with us from "potential buyers," we simply do not have the time to take everyone who would like to go, hunting.

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