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We believe it is of the utmost importance to keep the natural hunting ability of the Dogo Argentino as a primary focus of our breeding program.

Our puppies show an early natural ability, sometimes as early as 3-4 months of age, and usually by 5 months of age, that is quite impressive and puts them ahead of many dogos from other lines who may not show this kind of prey drive by even one year of age.

It is helpful to start the puppies out in relatively controlled situations, until they get enough experience, strength and size that they could handle a full grown boar.

What you seek to do, is build the puppies confidence by presenting him with situations he can overcome, until he is matures and gains the confidence he will have as an adult Dogo.

If you give a puppy too much to handle - and this goes for any breed - you can break their spirit.
In this way, you could easily ruin what would have been a good dog.

You can think of it in the same way that elephant trainers used to use chains to hold baby elephants in the old days - once the elephants reach their full adult strength they could have easily broken the chains. But they never do, because they chains basically broke their spirit when they were young, and when they are adults they don't realize they have the power to do so, and what's more they don't have the will to try . Not a good situation, and one that should be avoided in training dogs at all costs.

After a young pup has learned that he is a hunting dog, and understands his job is to find and or catch wild boar, then you have to teach him it is NOT ok to catch other animals. This second part of the training is every bit as important as the first part. When you are hunting you never know when you will come across domestic animals/livestock and it is not a positive situation to have your dogs catch or injure them. Part of completing a dogs training is to get them to the point to where they ONLY engage the game animal of choice and do not pay attention to any other animal. That is the ultimate goal for a hunting dog...





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