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Our experiences hunting with the Dogo Argentino

Every boar on this page was caught by us, using Los Cazadores' Dogos.

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This boar weighing in the vicinity of 400lbs, was caught with 2 of our dogos, 'Dually' and 'Dante'.

The Dogo Argentino is an outstanding athlete, capable of running great distances in pursuit of it's quarry, while still having enough power to fight, subdue and hold it when it catches it. They are excellent catch dogs and will fight and hold dangerous game to the point of death if necessary.

Two nice boars, caught with 2 of our dogos, 'Chepe' and 'Loyal'. 'Chepe' is the dog barely visible on the right side of the frame.

The Dogo has a good nose, they usually hunt "head up" only following "hot" (fresh) trails or by winding their quarry. This hunting instinct (drive) is natural in Dogos from hunting lines, and is an important trait in a 'true' Dogo Argentino.

This boar was close to 400lbs. It was caught by 2 our two dogos 'Loyal' and 'Chlorox' and a
young dog from our lines, 'Chuy' owned by Jarrett Newman. Chuy was 18 months old at the time.

They can and will find their own game if the instinct is allowed and encouraged to develop. This close to medium range hunting suits the Dogo perfectly, as he is not a scent hound in the truest sense of the word. A Dogo is silent on track, a trait that would make it hard to follow long distances, and once it finds it's quarry it will immediately try to engage it and try to catch it - many times without making a sound. It is very important to keep close to your Dogo, in the woods or use one of the hunting styles that have been developed to compliment the Dogo's strengths.

This boar was caught by 'Chepe', 'Loyal' and a young Dogo  from our lines named Katerina, owned by John Favor.
She was 11 months old at this time.

The Dogos temperament is such that other hunters in the group will have no problem handling your Dogos in the field. This is often necessary, as it is the responsibility of the first hunter arriving at the catch to dispatch the boar and secure the dogs. Dogos are not by nature shy, defensive or hard to handle when in the field. It was common in Argentina for one hunter to borrow another hunters dogs and take them hunting....


Several clients posing after a hunt with Dogos 'Chepe', 'Loyal' and 'Chlorox'. These hunters were previously strangers to the dogs.


This boar weighed 285lbs, the Dogo in the picture is 'Chlorox'.

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All Images and Text Copyright 2017 Los Cazadores Dogo Kennels