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Hunting Conditions

Our Dogos have been proven in the woods on wild boar in  the toughest of conditions, and  temperatures ranging from 10 degrees to 110 degrees. The Dogo performs equally well in either extreme. Below are some pictures and descriptions of some of the varying terrain in South/Central Texas that we hunt  in.

Central and South Texas reach temperatures of up to 118 in July and August...

Winter time in the Hill Country can bring temperatures in the teens...

Mvc-754f.jpg (124689 bytes)


There is a huntable population of Wild Boar that live in the
Southern/Western Hill Country where the terrain is Cedar Breaks,
canyons and rugged hills reaching to several thousand feet.
Dogos excel in these conditions just as well....

canyonlake06.JPG (223486 bytes)



SoSouth and a little east of San Antonio towards the Gulf of Mexico,
the terrain gets wet and there are swamps similar to the bayous of
Louisiana and swamps of Florida.
Of course wild hogs love this kind of terrain as well.
They always prefer to run to water to evade their pursuers if possible.

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