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We raise a line of  Bay/Find dogs that are a mix of Blackmouth Cur, Mountain Cur, Plott hound,
and Texas Blue Lacy out of South Texas . We have also crossed in some Catahoula curs out of Larry Parker's Louisiana stock.

Before we started our line of cur dogs, we hunted with many different types of dogs. Hounds for instance, have many outstanding traits - but many of these traits in our type of hunting, are a liability. One of the things that hounds bring to the table is NOSE, this is both a good and bad thing. Secondly, they have DRIVE and "BOTTOM". Drive is the desire to get out and hunt, and keep hunting., and bottom is the stamina to stay with a hog until it stops, whether it be in 1 mile or 10 miles. These are admirable traits - but they are not well suited for hog hunting in 21st century South Texas. 

Hunting conditions and  what we look for in a cur dog
It is rare here to hunt a place that is over a couple of thousand acres. Sometimes, the surrounding ranches are off-limits to us, so we have to avoid "long races". Wild hogs here in South Texas have been "dogged" hard for many, many years. They know what dogs mean, and at the first sound of a bark, they head for the next county at top speed. As long as they hear the dogs barking behind them, they will keep running. This makes hounds or any other "open on track" dog a serious liability.

The cur dogs we use hunt hard, are medium ranged, and silent on track. The only time they should bark, is when they are looking at a hog. They are gritty enough to make even a big a boar stop and fight, thus keeping him from running very  far. We expect them to be smart enough so that when a big boar stops to fight - the curs back up and bay, and should then hold him at bay without putting undue pressure on him which might cause him to break bay and run.

 If it is a a sow or small boar we expect them to catch it by themselves. For the most part though, we expect our cur dogs be smart enough to size up a hog BEFORE they try it.

When the Dogos catch the boar, the cur dogs are expected to catch and hold on as well if they are needed.

Our Current and Future Cur dogs

Baby Lucy "3" M.B.P.
She is Cazadores Cur Dog pup out of our Jolie  and a Blackmouth x Catahoula strike dog named Chaos. Chaos was a damned good strike dog, and after having seen him produce hogs for years we thought he would be a great match to put over a couple of our females. She takes more after her momma, Jolie. A little on the small side, but quick as a whip and full of energy. Blackmouth X Dogo, She is rough as a cob and will put teeth on a hog and make it stop. He is Cazadores Cur Dog pup out of our Beyonce and a half Blackmouth half Catahoula strike dog . Chaos was a damned good strike dog, and after having seen him produce hogs for years we thought he would be a great match to put over a couple of our females. He reminds me alot of his granddaddy clyde and his great granddaddy Tiger. He shows a lot of the old Larry Parker cur dog influence. He is now owned by my good buddy Jeremy Spears. I hope to breed back to him, if he proves himself.

Our Foundation Curs

Lucy II Beyonce  
A Blackmouth cur, was a medium range strike dog with a great nose,  like our other cur dogs, she would put teeth on one to make it stop. A daughter of our PJ and Clyde, she is also a granddaughter of  our Jolie, Moe, Tiger and Lucy (below). She made a damn good hog dog, and proved her heart on many different occasions. She has some of Tiger and Clyde's propensity to take and work out a track, a good portion of Jolie's hustle and a healthy dose of grit.  



Jolie is the real deal - the queen bee among my cur dogs. She is a mountain cur with a natural bob tail,  from western Louisiana. She has been the top strike dog in our yard for 7 years now. She was never very rough, but she's got tons of hustle, and enough heart for two dogs, all packed into a 40lb mountain cur body ... Lucy is a great all around dog. She is a Plott/Blackmouth cross bred by the Rankins, down here in South Texas. She goes back to a Blackmouth/Plott dog named Rattler out of South Texas (he was her grandpa) She will find hogs and at 60-70 pounds, will shut them down too. She has a hell of a nose, and was rough as a cob in her younger days. She is semi-retired as of 2-06-07. Moe was a Southern Blackmouth Cur that came from back east somewhere. He was rough as a cob, too. He had an above average nose, but his specialty was shutting down running hogs. Moe was being hunted by a friend of mine when he died in 2005.




Tiger was one of the best strike dogs we have ever had, second only to Jolie in sheer production. He was a catahoula cur from Larry Parker in Louisiana. Tiger was the complete dog. He hunted as hard as Jolie, had a nose like Lucy and stopped hogs like Moe. If a hog wouldn't stop for him, he would do his best to stop it or catch it, big rank boar or not. Rough as a cob and hunted HARD. Couldn't ask for more from a dog. Tiger passed away in 2005. Clyde was a son of Tiger and Lucy. Like you would expect he was ROUGH. He had Tigers range, he would take a track and line it out. Good solid dog, with a great temperament. Was on his way to being a GREAT dog when he was killed by a boar during the summer of 2005 at 4 years of age. PJ was a daughter of  Jolie and Moe. She was striking hogs at 6 months old, and had much of her momma's hustle. She went to Leroy Rankin at about 2 years old because he was short on dogs, and he had helped me out in the past. I believe he lost her down around Cotulla, Texas on a hunt.

Other Cur Dogs we have owned:



Mamas was a Texas Blue Lacy that came from a friend of ours from Floresville by the name of Joey Woelfler. She was already a damn good strike dog when we got her, and I can't claim credit for taht. She hunted hard and was pretty  gritty - enough to put teeth on a hog, but not so gritty as to be suicidal. Just the way we like them. She was not  bobtail, by the way, it is just the way she had her tail turned when the picture was snapped. She went to a hog hunter in California. Believe it or not, Buffy is a full blooded Yellow Blackmouth Cur. She is one of the rare throwbacks that sometimes happens out of blackmouths, a black and yellow. It is rare, but it happens. I am kind of partial to this rare throwback coloring because my hog hunting mentor and good friend, Leroy Rankin had a Jam-Up black and yellow colored BMC named "Rooster".  She came to me from my friend Russell Vera in seguin. She is now owned by Leroy. I gave her to him after he got his best strike dog killed in early 2008.  

See some cur dogs puppies from past litters HERE


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